Tree planting and Revegetation

We are a farming enterprise as well as a nursery so we understand the need for whole farm planning and the importance of incorporating revegetation or forestry into your farm management program. Our technical advice is supported by qualified horticultural and farm forestry training as well as many years of practical tree planting for major forestry companies, Landcare groups and individual farmers.

Tree growing and revegetation work are very satisfying and rewarding, both personally and financially. The benefits are twofold:


The obvious ecological benefits for revegetation work are: 

  • reduced salinity

  • soil protection

  • stream bank stabilisation

  • protection of remnant vegetation

  • improved farm biodiversity.

Plantations will also supply a sustainable timber source for the future. 


Carefully thought out and well-prepared tree planting can make trees perform more than one task for you:

  • Tree lines can be used for timber production as well as providing shelter for stock and pasture

  • Increased habitat will improve native bird population which will in turn naturally reduce insects (ie. blowfly)

  • Warmer paddocks in winter will allow for greater milk production in cattle and an increase in lambing percentages

  • Larger timber lots can be incorporated with larger plantation companies.

At the very minimum, tree planting will increase the resale value of your land as a sustainable property.

Wendy Dawes